Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why Softbums should be #1 in your stash

Instead of listing 100 reasons that Softbums should be first in your stash, let's skip to number 1.

Versatility, versatility, versatility!

Every Baby, Every Way--Easily!

SoftBums will fit your baby.  From the sweet little newborn to the screaming toddler.  From the babies who have itsy-bitsy thighs and so skinny you can count their ribs, to Michelin-Man thighs that don't fit into a Bumbo seat and the bellies so big you wonder how their belly button hasn't popped out.  SoftBums will fit even your baby!

This is my son, birth and then 6 months--note thigh size. 

How?  The exclusive Patent Pending toggle system hidden within the cover!

The cover can be adjusted by pulling the elastic through the small hole in the front of the shell or by squeezing the toggle through the shell.  The legs can adjust so small its hard to get two fingers into the leg opening at the smallest setting.  They also adjust large enough to fit a toddler who is 35+ pounds.  

Many people wonder if the diaper has to be adjusted each time that you put the baby in the diaper.  No.  Adjust once and go.  Of course it will have to be adjusted as your baby grows but not every time you diaper, or wash.  Check the tightness of the legs as you're double checking that your insert is tucked in.  

What about the waist?  The tabs on both the hook and loop and snap SoftBums diapers have the ability to cross over allowing the diaper to get o-so-small in the waist.  The design of the diaper prevents tab droop as well.  

Another reason SoftBums is so versatile is all the ways you can use it.  The Echo system is primarily an AI2 while the Omni offers the pocket option in addition to an AI2.  The design of the covers and the corresponding SoftBums pods are so perfectly designed for one another.  The flare in the back of the pod helps keeps the shells clean, and they are extra long which allows for a custom absorbency (under for girls, front for boys).  

There is only a slight design difference between the Omni and Echo shells.  The Omni is a little wider in the crotch to allow the user to stuff it full for night time/nap time/heavy wetters without gaping (gaping=like trying to close a too-full suitcase).  The Omni is a great option for daycare, daddy's, babysitters, in-laws, just stuff and go.  The Omni still has the snap so it can be used as an AI2 as well.  

SoftBums uses the highest quality hook and loop, microfleece, and organic fabrics.  These diapers will last for more than 2 babies--mine have!

These shells also work great over many different options, prefolds, custom inserts, home-made inserts, dish towels, sposies, etc they will fit--perfectly!  

To top this off, if you ever have a question--SoftBums is always happy to help.  

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