Sunday, February 12, 2012

What stinks more?

A very common question or misconception of cloth diapers is that they stink. 

My answer: Um.  NO.

I think disposables stink, chemicals and the fragrance they add...yuck.

Bottom line is if the diapers are washed correctly they don't stink at all...well, unless you have a bomb waiting to be changed. 

I am that person who jams my nose in my diapers after going through the washer to make sure they are stink free before throwing them in the dryer.  Repeat after they come out of the dryer.  I get right in there and sniff away.  

There are all sorts of fun ways to wash your diapers and it can be a small lesson in chemistry but you will soon learn what works for you and your family. 

Remember whatever you do, NEVER EVER EVER add fabric softener!  Thats asking for buildup and stink, and less absorbant diapers.

Here are some options:
Purex Free and Sensitive --what I use.  Simple, cheap, easy to use.
Rock n' Green
WAHM-check out for different ones

The key is to use detergents that do not have any softeners in them and do not cause a buildup on your diapers.  

I prefer to use Purex because it is easy to get, and is made by a big enough company that it has standards.  I have heard of many people who have had loads of diapers ruined by WAHM or the less popular brands of detergents.  Lots of water and little detergent is the key.  

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