Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snaps vs. Velcro

SoftBums comes mostly in hook and loop and now some are available in snaps.  

How do you make the choice between the two and what are the pros and cons?

Hook and Loop

  • Simple
  • Most resemble disposable diapers (benefits for secondary caregivers)
  • Easier to get on wiggly babies than snaps
  • Infinate adjustment sizes--no jumping a half inch up or down
  • Smooth-lay flat
(to the left is a 3 year old diaper, still in use)

  • Hook and loop wears and pills
  • Babies can remove hook and loop diapers
  • Wash can get tangled up
SoftBums' hook and loop is superior.  I still use the 6 SoftBums I started out with.  In fact--they are some of my son's favorite.  His favorite color is orange, our orange diapers are 32 months old and still heavily used.  They are his nap time diapers and I'd be lying if I said he hasn't had a fit because his orange night time diapers are dirty.  Pictured in this post is one of his favorite orange diapers.  Used-worn-loved and fully functional.  


  • Don't wear out
  • Harder for babies to remove themselves
  • No tangled laundry
  • Take a little more time and dexterity to put on 
  • I feel like snaps tend to pull and the tabs don't lay as nice as hook and loop tabs
  • Not as custom of a fit as hook and loop

The first is the inside microfleece, pilly but soft.  I know this is not the same fabric that is still used in their new diapers and the new fabric does not pill like this.  

Next is the leg opening and label--it is SoftBums!  The elastic is still great too.  Never replaced ANY of my elastic in any part of the diaper.  It is not like new, but the stretch is very similar.  

I know the above pictures are obnoxiously large, but I wanted you to see how well this diaper holds up.  The felt in the hook and loop is from my green cloth wipes we had at one point.  

If we assume that this diaper was washed 1.5x a week for the past 32 months, it's been through my washer just under 200 times.  I've had 3 washers since then!  

Whatever your choice is when you choose SoftBums it won't be wrong.  The hook and loop is top of the line and will last as long as the snaps.  

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