Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Original Sprout

Ok, this is a little off the Cloth Diaper topic but I just had to write a little post about it.  

I love cloth diapers because of the all natural factor and preventing chemicals next to my babies skin as much possible.  I found these all natural vegan, hair products for kids at a local kid's haircut salon Kiddo Klips.  So I may as well keep chemicals off their heads and butts if I can!  

Maybe I have been hiding under a rock to not have heard about these products until now, but whatever the case may be, I LOVE them!  

The Free & Clean formulas in our natural baby products contain soothing organic botanicals & are ultra-gentle making them the perfect choice for baby’s sensitive skin.Our bestselling 2-n-1 Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, along with our Scrumptious Baby Cream, & Natural Hair Gel moisturize, nourish & protect baby’s hair & skin without harsh chemicals, hormone disruptors & other common offenders.

I purchased the Miracle Detangler and Natural Styling Balm.  They are wonderful, and I am just waiting for my husband to have time to go with me so we can get the rest of the product line.  They are designed just for kids.  Each of them have Rosemary which naturally repels lice (handy if your little ones are in daycare/preschool) and they each are reactivated with water.  This means I can put a little fo-hawk in my boy's hair today he can sleep on it tonight and just damp hands in the morning and he is set to go.  No reapplication gunk!  

The products are light and SMELL AMAZING!  My 17 month old daughter has the awkward baby hair, where its not long enough to do anything with yet, but just long enough to get in her eyes.  I put some of the detangler in her hair damp after washing and blew dry (we live in MN, its nice to have them used to the blow dryer to prevent cold wet heads out in the morning) her hair and it had so much volume it didn't get in her eyes!  I don't really think this is the purpose of the product, but my point is that it does not weigh baby's hair down!  

The ladies at the salon said that they recommend parents to use it on their kiddos before swimming, it will help coat and protect hair from chlorine.  BEST YET, a 1 oz bottle, was $3.50!  STEAL!!!!

I just thought I would share my little find!  

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  1. sounds like the products we have been looking for! Thanks!

  2. Such kind of products protect your baby various kind of diseases diapers for babies