Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not just a diaper bag

Who says now that you're a mom you have to be frumpy!?  

I have a diaper bag from OIOI and I love it!  

Specifically, I have this one.  However mine is black and white with a yellow interior.  LOVE!
They are durable and big!  I had a friend once tell me when I was expecting my first child, "Don't buy a big diaper bag, all its for is diapers."  Ummmm.  ERRORONEOUS!  What is in my diaper bag?  Here is the list:
1. 2 Softbums diapers
2. Disposable wipes
3. Forks and spoons
4. Play-doh
5. Bibs
6. Ibuprofen/Tylenol
7. Misc. Money (yeaaa....kinda, only $4.36)
8.  Expired Coupons
9. Cars
10. Mini Magnadoodle
11. Mommy Ibuprofen
12. Keys
13. Cereal Bars (smashed)
14. Random Goldfish crumbs
15. Camera
16. Unsure
17. Hat
18. Random Mitten?  Never seen this before
19. Random Business Card 
20. Disposable Placemats
21.  Finger nail clipper
22. Small bottles of J&J Soaps
23. Q-tips
24. It isn't in there because I just used it but an extra pair of pants and undies for the potty training toddler.
And other un recognizable trash at the bottom

But whatever, my OIOI bag isn't nearly full.  It has stroller straps 2 different options for straps, and plenty of compartments but not too many where you can't fit anything big in.  It is well designed.  I am not telling you to go out and buy an OIOI, but just to consider what a diaper bag is.  It will be your Purse while you're toting around your wee ones--its a 3 year investment, at least.  Get something that will hold up, and that you can fill up.  You won't regret it.  Promise.

I love this one-It doesn't even look like a diaper bag...

Another Brand:
Purse, diaper bag, Purse?  Huh?

Want to see more Diaper Bags?
Need to waste 5 minutes, check this Fun Diaper Bag Quiz I found.  

Don't forget the men in your life.  The last thing they want to be carrying around is this (while I love the girlyness--my hubby would protest):

Picture a guy with a baby toting one of these, while baby wearing: 
It makes my uterus ache.  I need to have another baby...which we have names picked out makes me hopeful daddy is in.  Baby in 2014 (after I finish school)?  I think so!  I digress.

In the scheme of the whole baby thing, the diaper bag seems like a side step.  It, however, is a big deal.  It will be your friend while stumbling your way through newborn to toddler stage.  Enough room for a manual breast pump, formula, bottles, fluff or sposies, wipes, food, snacks, toys, and enough room for mommy's things.  Shop wisely!  

Post your favorites and must haves in your diaper bag!

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