Friday, February 24, 2012

It's all in the details.

It's always hard to adjust to change, explain our reasons and justify actions.  It's even harder to trust somebody with your kids and your fluff.  We started using cloth on my son at 4 weeks of age, it was at this time I realized I needed to learn how to explain in detail and never assume anything when it comes to taking care of my kids and their fluff.

We all cloth diaper for our own reasons.  Usually reasons include environmentally friendly, financially responsible, chemical free, organic, cute, etc etc.  In our home we (me, and my hubby was drug along) choose cloth mainly because it made since financially.  

Well, shortly after we got started using our Softbums, my husbands family came up to visit.  I hadn't shared the fact I was using cloth yet with anybody other than my mom and husband mainly because I got a lot of questions and judging looks that I didn't want to deal with.  So, family being family wanted to "help" change my little boy's (2 months old) diaper.  I was doing laundry in the basement and heard a lot of commotion upstairs, something about an explosion diaper.  I was soon greeted in the basement by my Mother In Law holding my half naked son asking where the diapers were.  Now while I love my in-laws, common sense is admittedly not a forte in the family.  I walked with her up to the changing table and began showing her the cloth diapers.  

She picked up quickly and had the system down pat within the day.  

I loved the extra help, got a nap in, and got the chance to do some catch up on housework (just call me Monica Geller *Friends*).  It was Monday--garbage was picked up that morning--perfect day to haul out all the other garbage in the house.  

While proceeding to take garbage out, I made it to the kitchen garbage, it seemed awfully heavy.  Just being curious I looked inside...not one, not two but 6 diapers.  SIX!  Six of my lime green, orange and blue SoftBums, rolled up and thrown in the garbage!  Did I forget to tell her they were cloth?  I thought it was a given that cloth diapers weren't disposable.  Where was my husband, not noticing 6 trips to the garbage can throwing away my new fluff!?  This is what I get for napping!

I was busted, digging through the garbage.  My mother-in-law enters.  "Why are you pulling dirty diapers out of the garbage?"  Me: "Because they are cloth"  Her: "Oh, you recycle?"  Me: (to myself) are you kidding me right now!?**Rolls eyes**  So I begin to explain that cloth is washable and we re use the was like trying to explain physics to a toddler.  

Then I realized what happened when I was downstairs doing laundry.  They threw out a diaper, a lime green, barely used, SoftBums diaper..and insert.  My heart sank, trash already had come and gone. I still ran outside to look--gone.   

All I can do is picture that lime green diaper in a landfill--so sad.  

Details matter.

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