Thursday, February 2, 2012

How do you wipe?

What do you use to wipe your babies bum?  Cloth?  Disposables?

If you use cloth what are your favorite wipes?  If you use disposable wipes, have you considered cloth? 

At my house we used cheepo white washcloths for the longest time, then I bought some flannel and cotton and zipped up a few of my own.  I stick to white so I can bleach them every once in a while to keep them sanitary.

I personally think the simpler the better.  I just get the wipes wet with water, plop them in the warmer and wallah!  But there are a thousand and one ways to use cloth wipes.  From different solutions to wetting on the go.  

If you use cloth wipes, do you travel with cloth wipes or disposables?

A must have in my mind for cloth diapering/wiping is the Prince Lion Heart cloth wipe warmer.  There may be other brands out there, but I haven't looked around for it.  We love this at our house, it keeps the wipes nice and warm but never HOT! 

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  1. I used disposable wipes on my first daughter for a long time, and the first time I tried cloth wipes it was a miserable failure. Then I read someone's suggestion for storing the solution in a water bottle with a squirt top, and that worked for me. So now I use cloth but my husband uses disposable wipes. I figure at least some of them are being kept out of landfills. Some is better than none I guess. He does use our cloth diapers though, just not the wipes.