Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cloth Diaper Liners

The business end of cloth diapering can be enough to turn a newbie away, or on a long day make even the most veteran CD'er question why they are doing this.  

I've been there.

Then I figured there has to be something out there to help--other than a diaper sprayer.  

I found out about flush-able diaper liners.  Which look like a dryer sheet--but much softer, have you. Seem so simple!  

Super easy, I just put one in the diaper baby pooped, pull the whole thing out and in the toilet, bye bye mess.  Much-much easier.  

Now, these things aren't the SOFTEST things in the world, they aren't scratchy either, but they do their job.  They don't inhibit the wicking of the fleece or the absorbency of the diaper in the least they keep the solids on top so you can easily toss.  I'd have questions if they would work as well if they were in the diaper for a long time, they can bunch and end up like a bad toilet paper wedgie.  However, with softbums, the contour of the diaper seems to hold the liners in place pretty well and I've only had bunching of the liners after a nap (I don't use them at night time).  I tuck the liner around the insert so the edge is between the back of the pod and the inside of the cover.  Done.  

There are a zillion different brands and you will see people posting that you can wash and re-use them.  I think that is false.  I have accidentally put a few through the wash (that weren't poopy) and they come out in one piece yes, but use-able, no.  They look like a wadded up paper towel.  I've tried several different brands and have never had one come through the wash as re-useable.  

Take a look, if you flinch at poopy diapers this is worth a try.  

Here are some ideas:

 Kushies, Flushable, Biodegradable,  Cloth Diaper Liners, 100 Sheets for $10.15 (Amazon.com)
Bumkins Flushable Cloth Diaper Liners, 100 Sheets for $7.99 (Amazon.com)

Bummis BioSoft Liners, ?? Sheets, $8.00 (Amazon.com)

Imse Vimse Flushable Diaper Liners, 200 Sheets 13.95 (Amazon.com)
Real Nappies Flushable Bioliners, 200 Sheets, $13.49 (Amazon.com)

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