Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almost like buying a minivan

Not that there is anything wrong with a Minivan, they are awesome vehicles.  I just have sworn not to buy one.  

What is almost "worse" is taking this step...coloring pasta for toddlers to string on yarn.  *sighhh*

It worked great, was easy, and the kids loved it.  

Take your favorite string-able pasta--wagon wheels, macaroni, rigatoni, etc etc and put some in their own baggies...one baggie for each color.  

The key is to add about a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol for about each cup of pasta with your food coloring.  I used 5-6 drops of food coloring for each one.  

Massage the pasta in the bag and let it sit for 5 minutes (or until your done doing each color) rotating the bag so the color is even.  Then dump them out on a cookie sheet with plenty of paper towels to absorb the excess and let them dry.  

Find some yarn and I found it to work good if you use book tape and tape the top couple inches so it is stiff and easy to thread the pasta on the yarn.  Wallah.  Fun for hours...or longer for moms who get to vacuum up the pieces after they fall on the floor and shatter.  It's all for the love of the kiddos. :)  Enjoy!

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