Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fits Skinny Mini to Chunky Monkey SoftBums Photo Contest Winners Picked!

Awesome pics were sent in from all over to show off how well SoftBums can fit on Skinny babies, even tiny 6 lb newborns, all the way up to Chunky toddlers.  They don't just fit all sizes of babies, but they work great!!

If you don't know the story behind SoftBums diapers, Sarah, the inventor, had 4 babies, 2 of which were skinny minis, and 2 of which were chunky monkeys....  These babies are hard to fit!!  If the diaper is too loose, you get bad leaks, and if the diaper is too tight, you get red marks.  After making endless custom diapers for customers, SoftBums adjustment system was born to help get a tailor fit for every baby!

Thanks everyone for sending in pics, it was really hard to choose!!!

Traci Lalli Rodkey
Lisa Gayer
LaShawna Sims
Alisha Cudaback
Dana Dirks

Congratulations Everyone!
Please email us at and let us know your color preferences for your diaper!

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