Monday, August 16, 2010

The Down Low on Pods' Absorbancy

So What is the Difference?

Here at SoftBums we offer several different options for you and your baby when it comes to types of Pods you can use in your Slide2Size shell! I set out to see what the exact difference was when we compare absorbancy and what each Pod can handle compared to others.

First, the Mini Pods. These little guys are a staple in your diaper collection, from newborn inserts on their own, to extra absorbancy where and when you need it! We offer a Organic Mini Pod or a Dry Touch Mini Pod.

The Organic Mini Pod's dry weight was a mere 19.5 grams! Light weight with a mega power to absorb! It is capeable of holding 73.5mL (about 2.5 fluid oz) of water!* That is 3.75 its own weight! One important note is that the Bamboo Pods that I have is not the same as the current ones that SoftBums sells, the ones I have are a previous design and are smaller than the ones SoftBums sell now.

The Dry Touch Mini Pod had a dry weight of 30 grams, and could hold up to 188mL (about 6.35 fluid oz) of water.* That is 6 and 1/3 its own weight! This little guy, when added to your other pod, will almost DOUBLE your absorbancy power! A MUST HAVE in your diaper stash!

Second, the heart of your SoftBums diapers...the Pod. We offer an Organic, Dry Touch, and Dry Touch Super Pod.

The OBV pod had a dry weight of 102 grams and when soaked weighed in at 398 grams! Resulting in an absorbancy of 296 mL (about 10 fl oz) of water (that is almost 3 times its dry weight that it can hold) ! With the extra length to fold the Pod how you need to get the most absorbancy (under for girls, in front for boys), and the super super softness of the Organic Bamboo Velour it is something you have to try to believe!

The dry touch insert with its oh so soft micro flece top had a dry weight of 57 grams. When fully loaded it can hold up to 265 mL of water (about 8.96 fl oz), that is about 4.6 times its dry weight!

The dry touch super insert adds an extra layer of absorbancy for night time, nap time, long car trips, heavy wetters, etc. With a dry weight of only 68 grams, it can hold up to 381 mL (12.88 fl oz) of water! About 5.6 times its own dry weight!

The o-pod dry weight is 59g and wet 257g, so it holds almost 200mL of water which is 4.3 times it's dry weight.  Awesome insert for stuffing into your Omni diapers!

When I sit back and look at my spreadsheet of data, I would assign absorbancy ratings as follows.

Mini Pod-I am not going to assign a rating until I can test out the new Organic Mini Pods...

Pod-Even though the oganic pod has the best absorbancy with the least layers! It had a higher dry weight, but could absorb a higher quantity of water when compared to the Dry Touch Pod (about 30 mL more). Therefore, the Dry Touch Pod will get 4 stars out of 5 and the Organic will get 5 out of 5. The Dry Touch Super Pod also gets 5 out of 5 when looking at absorbancy. Granted there is an extra layer in there to help out, but it is impressive holding an extra 85 mL compared to the Organic, and an extra 116 mL compared to the traditional Dry Touch Pod. A little extra fluff when you need it will pay off big time with the Super Pods!  The o-pod is a wonderful pod, it does not have the flare in the back which makes it perfect for stuffing.  

*All tests were done by soaking the insert fully with water and hanging to drip until they did not drip for 2 minutes. The density of urine is similar to water, not exactally the same. These pods were prepped fully as per SoftBums' instructions (washed at least 7 times, mild and minimal detergent and no softners).

**For more info about inserts see the previous post "Inserts Explained" to get further details! And PLEASE don't hesitate to ask questions. StumbleUpon
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  2. Have you tested the updated organic mini pods?

  3. Sarah did just give me a couple in a bunch of diapers for videos and stuff, I'll have to prep them before I can test them. After next diaper wash I will test them. I need to put the o-pod on there too. I have 1 prepped and clean I think

  4. I just updated with the opod info.