Friday, April 2, 2010


After a long awaited result, the process is over, a month of entries and so many guesses on the new SoftBums prints...we are proud to announce all of our new prints along with our winners for the biggest give away we have ever done! Thank you again for all the entries and support!

Here are all of our new prints that we have in stock (I am sure they will go quick!)

First, Giraffes! Available in both aplix and coordinating (and ooh soo cute snaps). This extra soft cover feels like your t-shirt and like all SoftBums is lined with the softest microfiber you can find, and those one of a kind adjustable legs!

Next is PowderPuffs! Which is also available in both aplix and matching snaps! The sweet print and oh so soft lining is perfect for your little "Oooga booga" PowderPuff, boy or girl!

Last, but not least are the adorable Happy Robots! These, like the others are available in aplix or snaps. It is the perfect little one size fits all diaper, oh so soft, and oh so adjustable!

Make sure you check them all out at SoftBums' website!

Now, who can forget Lator Gator!? This was SoftBums' first ever print and it was a huge hit! So, don't forget to snap some of these bad boys up too! Available in aplix and snaps!

Why the hub-ub over the prints? Because that is what our winners have won!

First place: SoftBums 6 Pack!
Thats 18 snap-ins and 6 doublers.  That pack will last all day for a Newborn with 18 changes, or 2 days for an older baby! In the winner's choice of cover designs

And the winner is....
Suzanne Brown! Congratulations!

Second Place: SoftBums basic pack in each (3) of the new prints!!!

That is 3 covers, one of each new print, 9 snap-ins, and 3 doublers!

And the winner is...
Aubrie Williams!!!! Congratulations!

Third place, a SoftBums basic pack, in one of the new prints!

That is one of the famous SoftBums' covers, 3 inserts and one doubler in the so sweet new prints!

The winner is....
Heidi J.

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners!!! What great prizes!

  2. Love the new prints!! Congrats to all the winners!!

  3. Congrats guys I am so jealous of the ooga!

  4. Hey, that's me! Yay! I won #3! Should I have gotten an email?

  5. Oooh, is that me for #1?! I mean, it IS a really common last name, or it could be an April Fool's joke...waiting on an email before I get my hopes up too high!!

  6. I just sent out the winner emails. Sorry it took so long! I thought Sarah was going to, she thought I was going clairified and email has been sent! Congrats to the winners!!

  7. Hooray!!! I found out through email this morning. Must have been weird, Suzanne and Heidi, finding out with this post. My name is pretty unusual so I think I would have known. I'd been waiting to see if I'd won and then figured that I hadn't when the email didn't come. So, I was shocked to see it this morning. YAY! I love Softbums. I tell all my friends and so many want to try them too.