Saturday, January 9, 2010

SoftBums Diapers in the News!

FOX News had a short story on reusable diapers, and focused on our friends Little Neechers retail business in Duluth!  Hi guys, great job!
SoftBums was one of the reusable diapers featured on the show!  Cool eh?

If you love SoftBums, you can contact your local paper, or news channel about us, and we'd be happy to give them a great story!

Another Short story about our friend Peter at Do Good Diapers!

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  1. Im trying to get to the website mentioned and Im not finding it- can someone link me?

  2. Awesome awesome! Congrats on the exposure and hopefully everyone else will start to think your diapers are as awesome as we do!

  3. That is awesome.

  4. Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. ....................................................

  5. Funny that they are so worried about the baby feeling wet. "Health issues with wet diapers" what about health issues with chemical laden diapers? I don't let my baby sit in her wet diaper all day long. Still, I am thankful that this did air on TV. People really don't know how wonderful cloth diapers are. Every little bit helps.