Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traveling with Cloth

So, I've been at a loss, what to say. I've also been so busy I don't even know where to start. Working I have so little time with my baby I just want to spend my time at home with him. But anyways...diapers.

Oh how I love my cloth...or...?
So lately, I've been wondering. Why do more people not use cloth, are disposables that much more convenient, better, easy? Am I wasting my time on cloth diapers?

I recently took the Amtrak out to visit my girlfriend..who just had a little girl on 10/3. Mason and I traveled out there alone. I was packing my cloth diapers...then I realized, I was going to have to bring back dirty diapers on the train...and now since we have started solids, the poops are bigger and stinkier... I made the decision to just buy a small pack of disposables to use on our trip. We left Thursday morning and returned late Sunday night.

I brought with 1 cloth diaper cover, just for fun. OMG I am so glad I did. We had blow out after blow out after blow out. I brought 4 sleepers and 6 outfits and I had to wash clothes there because of all the leaks! ICK! I am so thankful I brought that cover, I used it over the disposables to keep leaks in. I even bought the most expensive disposable diapers...the brand name...the "good ones".

By the end of the weekend, I was so happy to return to my cloth! I wish people could realize that the life of icky disposables doesn't have to be! I happily handed off my left over disposables to daycare to use...

Never again will I question my cloth. Never again will I travel without my cloth!

I also tried out the classic rock cloth diaper detergent by Rock n' Green with the baby powder scent. I have to say it worked very well. The "de-funking" that she recommended on the card that comes with your detergent works great! I did not notice any scent to my diapers...which is good, but they also didn't smell like baby powder...and I wasn't sure if I wanted them too. The Rock n' Green was sensitive to my little guy's skin...he had no reaction to it.

I did not notice better least compared to my Purex free and clear... All in all it is a great soap, but I don't know if I am sold on it. To me I am happy with my Purex, it is easier to get and I don't have to pay for shipping. If I could buy the Rock n' Green at a local store, it would be a difficult choice for me which to buy.

Rock N' Green, I do have to say has GREAT customer service. Willing to answer questions quickly.

In the end...great product...I am curious how the diaper pail deodorizers would work.
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  1. The leaks of sposies are the reason I switched. I will never ever go back. I love my cloth!

  2. We are flying down to visit family in Florida for Thanksgiving this year. We are taking cloth. At first I was wanting to just buy disposables, but I can't seem to make myself do that for a few reasons including I don't know what size we will need! So I am packing a few for the plane, and a bunch more in our checked baggage. We can do diapers while we are down there if we have to, but I figure its for only 3 days, so it won't be too bad to not wash of necessary.

    I can't see a reason to not take cloth ever. I mean sure you might need to visit a laundrymat if you are somewhere that doesn't have washing machine access, but its so much easier than disposable.

  3. Oh and this will be our 3rd long trip in cloth. The first one was a week long and DD was 4 months and we took disposable for the car ride thinking it would keep a large bag of poo from collecting in the car but we barely used them and stuck with the cloth. The second was a week visiting family and we did laundry while there, this will be a short 3 day visit, so we might not even wash if we dont have too gross of diapers.

  4. I usually buy disposables for trips, but on the 2.5 hour drive for the trips we have taken, he leaked in the car (I think mostly because he usually has a bottle in the car and we don't stop to change him then), so I started using cloth for the drive, but disposables while we were there visiting family. But I always take cloth for at night. One of the biggest reasons I switched to cloth was he leaked at night with the disposables. He didn't so much during the day though in them. I used to buy disposables for when my parents babysit, but recently got them to agree to use the cloth. I tell them they don't have to rinse the poopy ones or anything, just fold them up and put them in the wet bag and I'll clean them at home. So it works pretty well.

    I haven't bought disposables in about 2 months now. The last time I had to buy them was when my son was sick and had diarrhea and I barely had enough cloth diapers to get through the day without him being sick. I had to buy disposables or I would have been washing diapers 3 times a day! lol

  5. After much discussion, we've made plans to take cloth on our trip from MI to FL this winter too. It's only 4 days, but I bought flats specifically so I didn't have to bring a suitcase full of poopy diapers home on the plane - we're planning on hand washing in the hotel. If we were staying with family, or going on a longer trip, we'd probably just stick with prefolds and find or borrow washing facilities.