Monday, November 30, 2009

CyberMonday 40% off SoftBums Solo Packs!

To introduce our new Solo Packs, what better way than to have a great CyberMonday Sale!!

Please let everyone know that now they can try SoftBums Adjustable Leg Diapers for only $15 today, until supplies run out!!

Solo Packs include a single cover and 1 Snap-in DryTouch Insert.  This amazing design is so Ultra Trim it fits all babies 5-35lbs like a glove.  Perfect for hard to fit babies, EBF babies, newborns, Preemies, and well, just any baby!

SoftBums is a AI2 style diaper with a reusable OS cover, and a super trim contoured OS Snap-in Insert.  This means you can get that great fit, and no bulk, plus easy to use all-in-one style without paying through the roof for it.  SoftBums covers can be reused on average about 3 times, but up to 6 times on our test babies!  You can order more of the affordable Snap-in Inserts, and fewer of the Deluxe Covers.
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  1. have the supplies run out or are there some still available how do i get the discount?

  2. I have never seen a diaper in black colour. It looks cute though and the baby is so adorable. Also I am curious if this is shipped worldwide?