Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cloth Diapering Twins with Softbums!

Softbums and Twins
I interviewed a mother of twins for the scoop on cloth diapering with twins :)

The skinny: 2- 8 month old boys, 4 Softbum shells each, 25 bamboo inserts total, 5 bamboo doublers, Laundry every 2 days

The twin factor: Since my boys are different sizes (there is usually about a 6 pound difference), their softbums are adjusted to different sizes. I get blue snaps and green snaps, one color for each child. This way, they can each have a variety of diaper colors so I don't get bored! Every couple of weeks, the leg snuggers need a little adjustment due to growth. The Softbums are super-fast to change which is essential with two. Grab a shell (either a fresh one or a clean used one that has aired out) and snap 1 snap then put the diaper on, adding doublers for naps and long car rides)

When I use Softbums: I use them at home and on the road. When we travel, I put one extra shell and 2-4 inserts (depending on the length of the trip) in the diaper bag. With twins, diaper bag space in in short supply and 4 changes of Softbums take up the space just 2 stuffed pockets used to. My husband and my mother both use the Softbums and have no trouble. I have tried them at night with 2 inserts and with 1 insert and 2 doublers. Both set-ups were enough to keep everything dry during my boys' 11 hour nights.

Why I use Softbums: I started using Softbums when my twin boys were 6 months old. I had tried many other brands of one size pocket and All in Two diapers (BumGenius 3.0, Rocky Mountain Diapers, EcoNappies, Haute Pocket, Wahmies, GroBaby). I did not care for the snaps on the front of the diaper as they came unsnapped when diapering the boys and they were ugly (showed through onesies and some shorts). I started looking for a diaper that wouldn't take up much room since my twins have to share diaper holding space on the changing table and one with natural fibers against the babies' tender skin. I found Softbums with bamboo inserts and tried one. I loved it and ordered more, with snap closures as my son's skin and aplix do not get along. I have since increased my Softbums stash to a total of 8 covers, 25 inserts, and 5 doublers.

Laundry: I wash diapers every 2 days. I usually have covers and inserts left over at that point (when I had 6 covers and 18 inserts the wash time coincided with having just enough left to diaper them through the laundry time). I have a diaper sprayer so I put the pee soaked and formerly rinsed poo diapers in the laundry, covers and inserts. I have a front loader and I do a cold rinse, a heavy cold wash with 1 scoop of Allen's Naturally, and a hot wash with extra rinse with no soap. Then I put everything in the dryer on Medium, I pull out the covers after about 10 minutes (or when I remember!!) and let everything else finish drying. StumbleUpon
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  1. We really like our Softbums too. They fit very trimly and are so easy to adjust. I loved them so much I added them to my store!

  2. HI, I am going to be a new mommy in a few weeks and I just ordered a few Softbums because I want to try CDing and they seem really awesome. However, they are fleece on the inside, is this going to be really hot for the baby? Also, do you find that if the urine gets past the inserts, it will soak into the fleece and be stinky?

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