Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome to the new blog!

Good morning everybody!

Quick intro: My name is Megan Schultz, I met Sarah a couple months ago when I bought my first set of Softbums. Since she is a fellow mom and Minnesotan, I offered her help if she needed any. She asked for some help with her blog, keeping it updated, etc. So here I am, doing my best...

If you've been visiting the blog lately, you've probably noticed it has changed a few times, things haven't worked smoothly, etc. Well, I think I got it up and running! If you notice any problems please email me at:

Check out the new menu bar, with links to follow Softbums on Twitter and Facebook. There is also a nice link to Softbums and different areas of the Softbums website. From the menu bar you can jump to Softbums' home page, category, or to a specific package! On the end, under 'Retailers' is a list of retailers carrying Softbums. Under this category also I stashed the RSS Feeds for both comments and posts.

I have put together a little slide show of babies wearing Softbums on the top left corner (my little boy -Mason-is pictured in his orange Softbums). If you have any photos of babies in Softbums that I can add to that slide show please email them to me (! Just for fun I have put a poll up about cloth diapering. On the right side you can see all the 'logistics', followers (Join us!), archive, profile and welcome message! On the way bottom of the page, you can see any recent Tweets!

If you haven't already, join us on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to check out the Softbums home page at!

Thank you for your patience!

Megan Schultz
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