Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Softbums are trim in the diaper bag too!

I found a great review of Softbums on Kelly's closet's blog The cloth diaper whisperer. Elisabeth took a great pic of all 3 of her gorgeous girls, and on her youngest you can see a pink softbums!

Softbums review on Kelly's blog

She also took an awesome size comparison of the Softbums diaper with 3 inserts(enough for 3 diaper changes), and 3 pocket diapers next to it. Softbums look almost 1/2 the size! This is a great idea of how much room you save in your diaper bag as well. They really do take up WAY less space in the diaper bag, changing table or drawers, and washing machine. Use less water and take less time to dry! StumbleUpon
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