Thursday, February 5, 2009

Babies from around the world love Softbums!

Meet Siri. She lives in Norway. Her mommy has her all ready for bed-time in a Nuclear Pumpkin Softbums Perfect Fit diaper with 2 Snap-in Inserts inside.

She LOVES her Perfect Fit diapers because they hug her legs ever so gently, don't pinch, but also don't leak, and will fit her for another 2 years until she is ready for potty training.

I love to get emails with pictures from parents around the world who buy and love these wonderful diapers! It is the best feeling ever to know that I am helping keep babies swaddled gently in healthy, breathable, organic cloth diapers.
I love sending out packages, and responding to emails from customers all over the globe. We even get customers from undisclosed Military locations because a Military mom or dad heard from someone else about our great diapers! Whenever I send a package to someplace like Hawaii, I kinda wish I was going too though. Oh, well, there will always be time for travelling when I'm retired. Right? StumbleUpon
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  1. She is adorable. Nothing cuter then babies in their fluff :) I just ordered my 1st Softbum so I will be sure to send you pics when it comes.

  2. Yay, I love pictures! Nothing better than waking up in the morning to an email from a happy customer's baby smiling at me in a Softbums Diaper!! I love babies :))

  3. The baby is very cute. I really liked this post and I really loved the information that you shared. Thank you for sharing this with us.